According to the article, the members of this group mate

According to the article, the members of this group mate
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NVIDIA has a message for its Facebook followers: It’s Coming. Two simple words, one of which is a contraction (so three words if you want to count it that way), with no accompanying explanation as to what exactly is on the horizon. A new model graphics card perhaps? Possibly.

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4) Gianforte, despite donating money to fund a creationist museum in Montana (and believing gay people can be discriminated against) is a wildly successful businessman. Just thought I throw that out there. Economically speaking, he might be a great candidate.

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Law enforcement in New Jersey has worked for years to battle forced prostitution. The state strengthened its human trafficking law in early 2013, but it hit a roadblock in August when a federal judge ruled that a portion of the law that pertains to commercial sex ads posted online may conflict with federal legislation. The state is appealing..

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