When they first arrived at Fort Sill

When they first arrived at Fort Sill
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Two years ago, a longtime player named was coming toward the end of his three year fight with cancer. The league wanted to present him with a bravery award, but he was too weak to come to the arena to accept it. As president, Budrakey decided to go to the Balogh’s home and give him the plaque himself..

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Fingerlings Outlet Dad and Uncle Fat enlisted in the Army on April 27, 1944, at Fort Sill in Lawton, Okla., and did their basic training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. When they first arrived at Fort Sill, Daddy was assigned to Company B and Uncle Fat to H and S Company. Being identical twins and having not been separated from each other since birth, they were determined to get transferred to the same company. Fingerlings Outlet

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